Hello and Welcome to Poodle Heaven!

My name is Barnum (a.k.a. Harold) and I'm the head poodle around here.
King of the Poodles
Even though I am the smallest, I maintain my rank through superior intelligence and guile. I'm a very smart boy.

I came to Poodleheaven from Bichon Rescue in Ft. Worth.
That effort has been picked up by Small Paws Rescue.
Please consider pet adoption when you are ready for a
new family member.

This is Baloo, he is a great watchdog andOn Guard
always on alert for wayward squirrels.

Baloo joined our family after being returned to
the breeder because he had no manners.
I provided a stellar example for him, that and a
few trips to see Diane at Pet Perfect, and he has
become a great member of our family.

This is Baxter, the senior girl at Poodleheaven.My favorite room
Her favorite room is the kitchen.

Baxter joined us from a very nice breeder in
Waco. She was just 12 weeks old when she
came home. She has been through some
obediance classes, learning her manners.

This is Bridgette Bardog.
She joined us from ARF, in Tulsa, OK.Motorboat
She loves to play and is never without a toy.

There were other Standard Poodles looking for
forever homes when we adopted Bridgette.
The folks at Animal Rescue Foundation
are doing great work, but there are always
pups like Bridgette looking for
their forever homes.

This is Nancy, she takes really good care of us.
Sometimes, I have her take me golfing.
I'm really good in the bunkers.

Where's my Margarita?
This is Dave, he helps take care of us too.
He likes to take us swimming.
We're not a
lways enthused.

 Nancy's 25 Year Anniversary at Southwest

 They cleaned up pretty good...

Small Sitting HaroldThanks for stopping by.....

If you're interested in adding a new family member,
visit our friends at Home Fur Good. They've always
got a sweet pup who needs a forever home.

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